“Uro 2001” LTD.

The company is the exclusive authorized importer and distributor of German Beers “Krombacher”, “Weihenstephan”, “Schneider Weisse”, “Aech Schlenkerla Rauchbier” and some of the best Belgian beer brands for Bulgaria.
We have more than 10 years experience in the distribution and sale of quality beer, managing to establish brands on the Bulgarian market, and at the same time to make them a byword for elegance and unique taste.

Our longtime clients are “Metro Cash and Carry” and “Piccadilly”. In the last years we established partnerships with “Fantastiko”, “Tempo”, “Mandarin”, “Alcohol Center” and “Casa Vino”.
We offer a wide variety of top-quality alcoholic, non-alcoholic, dark and light weat beer and various types of draft beer.

Our philosophy is to be the benchmark for an assortment of proven brands of beer in Europe and to offer the Bulgarian market established traditions in line with modern production technologies, ensuring  full experience of excellent flavor for each consumption.